Topsoil Erosion HouseWorking individually, students will develop highly original, articulated, and transformative architectural and urban interventions, addressing emergent forms of energy production, infrastructure, and urbanism in the US, and transnational geospatial conditions relative to energy production.

It is the unique ability of architectural thought to synthesize, order, and maximize the potential of complex systems. As you develop your project, you will document your work using the rigorous analysis and inventive transformation of ‘systemic ecologies’, actively engaging interrelationships of material, economic, and political resources at the architectural, urban, and regional scales. Use architectural models, drawings and research graphics to develop your project, unpacking potential in the complexities and interdependencies it engages.

Drawing on Project 1, students will invent new spatial technologies – to register and transform the character of the contested landscape.

Drawing on Project 2, students will take a position – to amplify, combat, or neutralize the contested character of the prototypical sites and their latent trajectories.

Students will individually develop a site, program, and built intervention conducive to interrogation and speculation of this moment in national and international energy policy, presented in models and technical architectural drawings.

>View Student Projects Here



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