Nebraska: Day 2: Pipeline Crossings

The experience along the proposed crossings on the last day of our trip, brought up my initial ideas of making the invisible visible. The physical pipeline is nowhere to be seen within the different landscapes it crosses underneath. There is no inclination that there are hundreds of barrels of oil being transported to the gulf. It makes me wonder if all the initial controversy will just fade away after it is finished, and become “out of sight and out of mind.” When in reality this is not true, there is a physical line dividing the ground which its contents are in constant motion. In the end, after visiting many different landscapes, hearing about new technologies, and seeing different ways people change their lifestyle in response to the issue, the issue becomes less about arguing for or against the pipeline, but more about how can we sustain a living that is built upon large energy consumption. The pipeline itself might just be a way of prolonging this discussion.

cows 1/Teuber cows 2/ teuberhay/teuberfarm crossing 3/ teuberfarm crossing2/teuberfarm crossing1/ teuberrivercrossing 8/teuberrivercrossing5/teuberriver crossing 4/teuberrivercrossing3/teuberriver crossing 2/teuberriver crossing1/teuber



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