Landscape Striations: From Here to the Horizon

The nature of our field research, being a road trip, meant that we spent a lot of time walking around at the side of the highways and county roads. I got really interested in the edges between landscape and technology, and discovered that there is never just one line separating them. When I looked up from the ground, where the strongest road-to-landscape edges were, I realized that the undulating edges between landscape and technology mix together all the way across the land up to the horizon. By pointing my camera to the foreground and including only a small amount of the sky, I was able to focus on extracting a concentrated view of the texture and juxtaposition of these layers. These images are a bit out of context, but the small details in each one reveal their common and differing elements. While these images can be taken together to represent a detailed view of the changes we witnessed (but may not have noticed) during our trip, I have also separated them into groups based on their most relevant intensities: topographical shift, immersion, road, and surface.

topographical shift





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