‘Man Camps’ and ‘Transient Non-Communities’

TransCanada would construct a workforce camp to accommodate 300 people living in RVs and campers. Colome, located in south-central South Dakota, has a population of 296.

“It will have a water supply, power supply and facilities to accommodate wastewater as well,” the manager said. “We are evaluating options for that wastewater disposal, including discussions with the city of Chamberlain (S.D.).” The wastewater for the camp would likely be placed in holding tanks that can be hauled by truck to a wastewater facility. TransCanada is working with area power suppliers, local governments for zoning requirements and certification for lodging facilities, and requirements for the health and safety of those in the camp.Dwellings are small trailer-like buildings that sit on rails. All the amenities, including medical, security, food service, laundry, water, and wastewater treatment are provided on-site 24-hours per day.



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