Basic RGB


From blood carrying nutrition in our body to river channel guiding water, from wire conveying electric current to cars running on the road, from crude oil in pipeline to gas in the vehicles, energy is everywhere, silently. The different forms of energy can be classified into three categories,  energy as energy in nature, energy in infrastructure and energy from oil industry. They are distributed either randomly or systematically. The different kinds of energy converge in a spacial medium will exert potential impact to the environment. Images series show different energy convergence.

Energy from oil industry and energy in infrastructure.

Human and oil industry 1Human and oil industry 2Human and oil industry 3Human and oil industry 4



Energy in nature and energy and energy energy from oil industry

Nature and oil industry 1 Nature and oil industry 3Nature and oil industry 2Nature and oil industry 4


Energy in nature and energy in infrastructure

Nature and human 1 Nature and human 2 Nature and human 3 Nature and human 4 Nature and human 5 Nature and human 6









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